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The Paris International Internship Program aims to provide the student with in-depth exposure to French society and culture through a combination of work experience and classroom instruction. Held in the fall semester each year, the Paris program provides intensive language study with an on-site French Culture seminar and an internship in a variety of fields. Students experience full immersion as they work, study, and live with French families.  Students must be at the junior or senior level, have demonstrated French language proficiency, and have a solid academic background in their major field(s). Students are normally expected to have a B-average (GPA). Internships are graded on a Credit/D/Fail basis; the other two courses use the A/B/C/D/F system. All students will be housed in private homes arranged by the director in Paris, Dr. Maria Al-Salem '67. Students pay regular Lake Forest College tuition, plus room and board in Paris, and activity/excursion fees.

The fifteen-week program (September-December), includes:

  • A two-credit internship in a profit or non-profit organization or a government agency.
    In the past students have been placed in areas such as advertising, broadcasting, education, law, public relations, government, and research. Recent students have interned at the International Herald Tribune, the Paris Office of Tourism, not-for-profit agencies, fine arts institutions, Paris schools, and many others.
  • A one-credit 300-level language course, Advanced French for International Affairs.
    The language course is conducted as an intensive course during the first month; internships begin after this course.
  • A one-credit 400-level seminar on French Society and Culture.
    This seminar meets once a week throughout the semester in different locations in Paris according to the topics studied; this seminar also includes weekend excursions to the Loire Valley and Normandy.

For more information contact:

 Professor Cynthia Hahn, 847-735-5273
























Hear what our students have to say:

"My language skills improved remarkably, and I saw many places of incomparable beauty. I would strongly recommend our Paris program to anyone."

"Being in Paris was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Our program is exceptional because it afforded me many opportunites for personal growth, and being away from home helped me become more independent and self-reliant."